Our environmental impact: the value of water.

We take all the necessary steps in order to limit any unnecessary waste from the river source. We aim to reuse and recycle water during the production process.

In our production we use water from controlled , natural, shut-off sources Full screen

Bioenergy: Our response to the environment question.

Our production benefits from the supply of electricity and heat from Bio Energia Guarcino, a specialized facility equipped with a technologically advanced cogeneration plant that uses animal fats and vegetable oil residues as fuel. The elimination of fossil fuels and the consequent reduction of CO2 emissions contribute considerably to safeguarding the environment.

Cogeneration plant


The water used in the production process carries residues that are not retained by the forming canvas Formazione di tela. Developing processes that aim to filter these raw materials making it possible to reintegrate them into the production processes of less refined paper types eg Backer Papers.

A productive harmony between producers

Production efficiency is a value we also try to achieve at a local level through the integration of the industrial production chain. In the production phase we do this by purchasing waste or spoilage from other manufacturers or even from our own clients in order to reduce the average cost of some products, for example Backer Papers. During the disposal phase we give our waste free of charge to other companies in the local manufacturing catchment area for example to building suppliers or to cardboard producers, thus avoiding the creation of waste.

99.6% efficiency in place
50.000 tonnes produced per annum
0.4% by-products to be disposed of

Cartiere di Guarcino
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