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Unicolours, Print Base Papers, Backer Papers and Underlay: specific characteristics for different needs.


Basis Weight: 60-120 g/m2
Colours: Standard or personalized on request
Application: Office or Home furniture Unicolours are impregnated with resins. They are characterized by a low gloss level, a low Gurley porosity and a high degree of opacity. Unicolours can then be transformed into HP and LP panels. Processing: Their characteristic is their colour uniformity. Papers can have different characteristics depending on the resins used during the impregnation process.

Backer Papers

Basis Weight: 60-120 g/m2
Colours: Brown or personalized upon request
Application: Flooring Developed for the flooring market, Backer papers are used as a layer for the underside of laminate flooring. When decor papers are placed on a substrate the melamine resin shrinks upon hardening, a process that leads to tensile force/ surface stiffness. The substrate strip is often thin and can warp. To avoid this occurring Backer Paper is used, in turn counteracting any surface stiffness/tensile force on the underside of the laminate .

Print Base Paper

Basis Weight: 50-105 g/m2
Colour: Standard or personalized on request
Application: Flooring, office and home furniture Product type: mat on line Print Base Papers are smoothed providing outstanding print resolution in the rotogravure and digital system. They are an excellent substitute for wood and marble surfaces as both can be reproduced on them. Processing:Print Base Papers are produced according to mat on line technologies. They are smoothed and glossed mechanically by calanders and mechanical pressing as a result of heat and humidity. The decor side, known as the dandy roll side, is designed for printing purposes. The papers are intended to be impregnated through thermosetting resins and subsequently transformed into High and Low Pressure Laminate Panels.


Basis Weight: 60-100 g/m2
Colours: Standard or Personalized on request
Application: Office or Home furniture Underlay Paper was developed as a support to be placed on the particle board. Processing: As Unicolours are impregnated with resins. The colour in the production phase is only decorative.