Cartiere di Guarcino, The company

The companyís heritage lies in the production of decor paper for high and low pressure lamination and flooring. The product range includes: Unicolour, Print Base Papers, Backer Papers and Underlay. The production plant is based in Lazio in Italy and covers an area of 144,000 square meters, 21,000 of which are indoor. The plant has a production capacity of 50,000 tonnes of paper a year made possible by the effort and commitment of 170 employees. A highly qualified consultancy and assistance team provides consistent dedication aimed at providing the highest possible level of customer satisfaction a true reflection of the companyís main objective. In 2006 this commitment towards innovation and sustainability led to a dedicated new company BEG S. r.l, and in collaboration with a leading company in the energy sector together with a 30 million euro investment, we created a cogeneration plant for thermal and electric energy powered by biomass.

We are an advanced, efficient and sustainable organization.