Cartiere di Guarcino: The company.

Our products: Unicolours, Print Base Papers, Backer Papers and Underlay.
A collection entirely dedicated to the needs of the furniture industry.

  • Drainage
  • Press
  • Pre Drying
  • Post Drying
  • Calendering
  • Winding and Reeling
  • The pulp is distributed through the headbox on the flat table. Here the separation of the water part (99%) and the fibrous part of the pulp takes place.
  • The separation phase continues in the press. At the end of which the fiber content as compared to the water content is approximately 50%.
  • In this phase the water content in the paper sheet decreases to 25% allowing for a controlled drying span for every type of product.
  • In this phase the water content in the paper sheet falls to 3%. At the end of this drying process the paper sheet reaches the required level of humidity in order to ensure an outstanding product without any residual stiffness.
  • The sheet is crushed between 2 rollers, the first one is soft and the secondi s a high surface finish one. At the end of this process the paper sheet has all the surface qualities required in order to guarantee an outstanding level of printability.
  • The paper is wrapped around poles with a maximum weight of approximately 500-600 kilograms and a maximum size of 280 cm. The paper is then handled by the Winding Machine, where the reels are prepared according to the Clientís request.

The water used in our processes comes from controlled natural sources. Full screen